Outsource IT securely!

You need total security and peace of mind when you outsource IT services. You need to have total confidence in the ability of your outsourcing partners. You need be assured that you are investing in the best IT infrastructure that can scale with time and your business expansion.

Hitec Sourcing is a highly trusted IT outsourcing partner of many leading companies in Asia.

What do we offer?

We focus on delivering the following offerings to large and medium sized corporations that want to extract the best mileage from a successful outsourcing model.

  • HR Services
  • IT Services
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Why do our clients prefer us?

We are proactive when it comes to taking care of the IT infrastructure development, implementation and maintenance needs of our clients. We have constantly expanded their IT capabilities, giving them a competitive advantage in their markets. Our highly skilled professionals have the experience of working on large software development, system integration, BPO and infrastructure management projects. They ensure that all projects are completed on-time and on-budget in a process-driven manner.

HR Services
We provide HR services to companies of all sizes. With the engagement of our services companies not only will be able to focus…
IT Services
When your IT backbone is crucial to your business you need seasoned partners to ensure that all IT services are available 24X7…
Enterprise Solutions
Hitec Sourcing has the expertise in planning and implementing the world’s leading Enterprise Systems that are highly strategic…
Business Process Outsourcing
We help our clients to pass on to us their non-core business processes in order to boost their productivity and profitability…